Boruto akamaru

boruto akamaru
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Soon, the team found themselves being attacked by Guren. He later accompanies Kiba as the Konoha 11 speak about what they would do about the looming threat that Sasuke Uchiha posed to the safety of the villages and the relative peace that they had. Sign In Don't have an account? Upon awakening, Akamaru thanks Shino for his efforts in save them. When they managed to find Orochimaru's hideout, they triggered a trap that destroyed the base. Finally backing down from the front that he was all right, Akamaru later carried Neji on his back as the trio relocated.

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boruto akamaru

Kiba and Akamaru face off again against Sakon and Ukon.

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'Boruto' Has 'Naruto' Fans Worried About Akamaru

He is also a member of Team Kurenai. After Kiba used the Beast Human Clone technique, Naruto turned into Kiba to prevent Kiba from attacking him, and when Kiba saw through his plan, Naruto transformed into Akamaru to make him think that he had hit Akamaru. They often spend their time going on walks, or more accurately, running through trees chasing one another. Later, when Furido and his men attacked the Leaf Village, Akamaru demonstrated that his new size also helped considerably in battle, as he was able to take down several zombies without transforming.

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