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Amending traditional common law , it allowed fathers to sue their daughters' masters for the tort of seduction. In the 20th century, the action was criticised as maintaining "property interests in humans", and the tort was recast to recognize personal injury to the woman, rather than solely deprivation of a father's property right. An statute in Prince Edward Island allowed for a seduced woman to sue for herself with this tort, [2] although damages were capped at pounds. The John Brownlee sex scandal revolved around a seduction suit. Part of the common law series. Assumption of risk Comparative negligence Contributory negligence Consent Necessity Statute of limitations Self-defense Defense of others Defense of property Shopkeeper's privilege. Trespass land chattels Conversion Detinue Replevin Trover.

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seducing father

Fraud Tortious interference Conspiracy Restraint of trade.

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The tort of seduction was one of the most common civil actions toward the end of the 19th century, and fathers were often successful before juries. Part of the common law series. However, if the daughter was a contracted servant, a suit could not be brought by her father against her master.

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