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With the help of my friends and mentors I continue my journey into the deep mysteries of the Redneck Theology and I continue to work hard to someday achieve a true state of Redneck. A true Southerner understands that achieving the state of Redneck is a noble pursuit. I think it makes a great yard ornament. Living around Rednecks has had a profound effect on my way of looking at life. The only things she buys are sugar and coffee.

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Noor. Age: 20.
redneck naked guys

Part of the Redneck Theology is doing whatever you want without the pressures of social customs.

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Hadleigh. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Many a surprised New Yorker has pondered this while visiting an Emergency Room after flipping off a Redneck. A true Redneck does not feel the need to impress people with the outward trappings of superficial wealth and a real Redneck is perfectly comfortable in an Armani suit or a stained t-shirt. The mere fact that you are consulting with guys like D.

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