Guys tighty whities

guys tighty whities
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Even so, you have to admit, tighty-whities are still a better option than knee-length flannel drawers. But while tighty-whities remained popular for a few decades, they lost much of their appeal in the s and s, when underwear transitioned from something that men traditionally hid underneath their trousers into flashy and often fun fashion statements. Responding to a post asking whether any men still wear tighty-whities, redditor DoublePostedBroski admits to occasionally sporting them [ sic ]:. Throw your responsibilities to the wind! As I went through school, boxers became popular, and later on, boxer-briefs. I wear these kinda underwear alright??!!

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Kinsley. Age: 29.
guys tighty whities

The image inspired Kneibler to design the first-ever pair of tighty-whities: Snug, legless underwear featuring an overlapping Y-front fly.

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Sandra. Age: 32.
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The Men Who Still Wear Tighty-Whities

These days, tighty-whities act almost solely as a punchline. Plus, I think it all depends on where you live: Our store shelves are filled with boxers, but the briefs are usually running low on stock, because most guys wear them around here. As I discovered after talking to producer and filmmaker Phillip Soulliere , a millennial who proudly wears tighty-whities which you can see in the photo below.

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