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When Juvia was home he would make the full spread: pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice. Gray rolled out of bed, brushed his fingers through his hair, and made his way out to the kitchen and living area of their little apartment in just his boxers. Gray froze, jumping up from the couch, attempting to dispel the magic before she saw it, but… it was too late. Once he had his breakfast he sat down on the couch, practically dropping his plate on the coffee table. He had been good at pushing Juvia away, at denying his feelings for her. The apartment was freezing, even for him.

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She had left on a quest the day before, and already everything seemed empty without her.

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In the past, Gray had been pretty good at keeping his emotions close to heart. It seemed like a mess waiting to happen. She would always clasp her hands together at the kitchen table.

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