Lilith monster musume

lilith monster musume
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Despite being an adult, Lilith has no problem using her appearance to pretend to be an innocent young girl to manipulate people. During Kimihito 's date with Centorea, Lilith sees Manako keeping surveillance on them. None, formerly in the Kurusu household as Rachnera's Pet. She later reappears in alongside Draco, searching for Rachnera after being released from her "enslavement". As a devil, Lilith also has Bat-like wings and two black curved horns that face forward along with a stereotypical spadetail. Lilith later encounters Centorea as the Centaur is wandering the park alone, distraught at not being useful to her master. Lesser Devils usually use their petite bodies to get away with affording things at children admissions rates.

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Catalina. Age: 23.
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Rachnera uses her skills to force Lilith to confess everything, but Lilith reveals that she isn't D at all.

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Adalynn. Age: 28.
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Lilith (Monster Musume) - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery

Her attire consists of a black and white hooded jacket with a grinning devil on her left breasts, hot pants, thigh high socks and sneakers. During this, Lilith watches and giggles at the mischief she has created, only to suddenly be attacked by a Wild Boar that roams the park. Lilith walks up to the Monoeye and pretends to be a curious child. She also seems to be a very insightful person, as she was quickly capable of fully deducing Rachnera's history and motives after just meeting her.

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