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In either case, you go on and say something like "Take it to Channel Wear jeans or un-trendy shorts, a t-shirt or flannel shirt, boots or beat-up tennis shoes, a Carhartt jacket or denim jacket or down vest. You can always lean back on a convenient tree or sit down on a bench where he can see you're "available", but don't get pushy on him--let him do his job first, and don't keep circling back to a driver who hasn't checked YOU out. Look for the seedier-looking ones--truckstops that sparkle and seem to swarm with suburban families on their way to Grandma's--or their weekend cottage--aren't usually good cruise spots. Hit me up for anything cigarettes related and feel free to send questions. If you're a really good fit for the setting, you can do some friendly chit-chat in the restaurant or game room or trucker's lounge, and drop some hints to an equally-friendly trucker that you'd like to get to know him BETTER.

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Siena. Age: 27.
silver daddy tumblr

The most unmistakable is when a driver pops his door open slightly then moves back into his sleeper--that's an invitation for you to "come inside.

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Erin. Age: 32.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You can still cruise many of the places that remain, but you HAVE to look like you belong there. Truckers have gone through the same thing with gay cruisers There aren't many websites anymore that are specially-adapted for hooking up with truckers, but some have groups for truckers and trucker chasers--you know about XTube, probably, plus there are others like lifeout.

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