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That's totally fine, because extended foreplay, oral sex, rimming, and mutual masturbation are all excellent alternatives. The basic mechanics of gay male sex remain a mystery to many. Restrictive gender roles have no place in any relationship, and certainly not a gay one. Some men even use a douche or enema beforehand to clean those hard-to-reach spots. As I've mentioned, you have to think about things.

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Aliyah. Age: 24.
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It's a heinous education law that expressly prohibits teachers from discussing LGBT issues -- including sexual health, which can lead LGBT youth to feel invisible, anxious, or depressed.

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Azalea. Age: 20.
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6 Surprising Facts About Men and Sex

What follows are the building blocks of gay male sex, hopefully providing acceptable answers to all your questions about doggy-style, tops, bottoms, and who pays on a date. Tom Vellner is an associate staff writer at Thrillist who hopes his mom didn't get this far in the article. When a friend blurted out, "You can have sex facing each other?! Yes, I'm talking about poop.

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