Bleach sexiest moments

bleach sexiest moments
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Plus, she gains a firehose attached to her arm, so. Because she has a very sexy release. Remember when Kenpachi fought in Hueco Mundo for so long that his clothing got completely shredded to the point where his pants were hanging off his hips and one brave piece of fabric was preventing Bleach from going to an X-rated place? Personally, I could have pretty much closed my eyes and picked any Hichigo moment for this list because he is always sexy. And also because, well, I want to be fair on the sexy front, but naturally this list will be unavoidably biased towards the characters I think are sexiest.

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Saniyah. Age: 32.
bleach sexiest moments

ALL versions of the captain are hot!

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Galilea. Age: 27.
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Contains unmarked spoilers

Think Byakuya when his kenseikan get broken or Renji when his hair comes down. Or [insert your preferred character here]. On to the more specific ones.

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